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as the landscape of need changes with current developments here and around the world, we pursue innovative ministries.

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From the Heart of Peoria : Loving God and Loving People

Forrest Hill United Methodist Church

global missions

Our missions with the people of the Philippines
and support of other international missions through the Volunteers in Mission Program.

EAST BLUFF We continue to supply food for the East Bluff food pantry based on their needs.  In the near future, we hope to partner with them through our Nouri Program.

NOURI PROGRAM  In collaboration with Nouri (a non-profit with origins in the Pacific Northwest) we are partnering with local farms, we seek to provide healthy, farm-fresh food for families in the Peoria Area.  

SUMMER ENCOUNTERWe look forward to providing a summer music program for the children of the neighborhood.

MIDWEST MISSION DROP-OFF CENTER. We are exploring the possibility of becoming a drop-off center for the Midwest Mission Distribution Center which delivers food, emergency supplies to areas in great need here and abroad.

VOLUNTEERS IN MISSION PHILIPPINES. We continue to partner in ministry with churches in the Philippines.  We send Volunteers in Mission teams to the Philippines.

MADISON AVE. FOOD PANTRY. We continue to support Peoria's Madison Ave. Food Pantry as more people are in need of supplies due to the recent economic downturn from the effects of Covid. 

​​Here are some of the ministries we have recently been a part of.  We are blessed to see that many had benefited from these ministries but are re-evaluating how we can adopt new ways for services such as these to continue through Covid restrictions.​  

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM.After School Program. In cooperation with Von Steuben Middle School, experienced educators from within the congregation tutored children from the local school District.

SNACK PACKS. Partnering with the Peoria Dream Center, we put together snack packs for 200 children of Pleasant Valley School on a regular basis.

WOMEN'S SHELTER. We partnered with South Side Mission Women's Shelter providing gifts for residents on Christmas.