Forrest Hill United Methodist Church

Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Focus on God

In the movie “Sea Biscuit,” the racehorse with that name could not win any race. His trainer, in his humble analysis said, “They got him so beat up running around in circles he has forgotten what he was born to do. He just needs to learn how to be a horse again.”  Facing the bustle and rush of the season, we often find ourselves running around in circles.  We seem to become a mass of “Sea Biscuits,” forgetting what our true purpose is.  Our blinders are set so we could keep watch for the huge sale and await the great news that the electronic gadget we were waiting for is now 30% off! 

We certainly need to get our bearings back, to live in a time of anticipation, not of material things, but to look to the coming of our Lord!  We should slow down and ponder God’s purpose in sending Jesus to be “God with Us.”

Worship services this season are meant to help us slow down to appreciate God’s gift in Jesus Christ.  Here are some of the worship events you might want to consider putting on your calendar:

· Advent Services.  Each Sunday at our 10:15 am regular services, we light candles as we remember the faith, hope, joy and love Christ gives.

· Open Door Christmas Eve Meditation Service.  On Christmas Eve, from 5 to 7pm, come in any time and spend a few minutes listening to hymns and meditating on readings about Christ’s birth.  It will be an informal time of meditation and communion will be available.  This time of meditation is meant to help us focus on the great celebration of our Lord’s birth. 

· Christmas Eve Candle Light Service. This is a traditional candle light service with a Christmas Story for the children.

· Christmas Day Devotion.  This season, you will also receive a separate letter from the Church.  Included with it is a Christmas devotion to help you share the good news of Christ’s birth with the entire family.

Let us look past the displays and the huge “Sale” signs and know that the greatest gift is the one that was given away freely for our sakes – Jesus Christ our Lord.  Let us keep our focus on our Lord and give him all the glory.